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Scanning from the Copier

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How to Scan Documents using the Photo Copier

  1. Login to the copier with your UserID code
  2. Place your documents face up in the automatic document feeder
  3. Press the arrow button on top right of the touch screen twice to scroll over and to the Send page
  4. Push the Email button on the left side of the bottom half of the screen.
  5. Then press the Email Address button to bring up a keyboard entry screen.
  6. Enter your Duke Mathematics Login Name, such as schrett or yu
  7. Finally, press the Start button beside the touchscreen and it will scan the document and email you the results in PDF format
  8. IMPORTANT NOTE : Please press the arrow button on the top right of the touch screen again to return to the Copy page BEFORE you logout. The touch screen remembers its location between users and people using the copier after you might not know what to do if the touchscreen is still on the Send page.

Additional Features

  1. You can change the DPI or resolution of the scan by touching the section in the top right labeled Black 200dpi
  2. You can scan double sided documents by pressing the Two-Sided Original button and selecting the type of two-sided scanning you would like.
  3. You can also scan multiple pages from the copier glass, for instance if you want to copy a book. You need to use Job Build which can be found by pressing the Black 200dpi button and selecting the Option menu. The Job Build option can be found by selecting the Special Features button on this option page. This will let you scan multiple pages into a single document.

Maintained by: System Support Staff