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Screen Questions

Q: I have the computer image I want on the monitor, but the overhead projector's screen is still blue. What do I do?
A: The projector is currently set to another video input. Go to the computer select screen on the console and RESELECT the computer you are using.
Q: Again, the computer image is on the monitor, but now the overhead projector's screen is blank. What do I do?
A: The projector is currently screen blanked. Go to projector button on the console and press SCREEN BLANK. If that fails, try pressing the FREEZE button and then the SCREEN BLANK button. The projector is quite finicky about the last state in which it was left.
Q: Ok, there is an image on the overhead projector, but it doesn't quite look right. There are strange lines all over the place. What do I do?
A: The projector has been confused by one of the computers. You will need to turn the projector off, wait 3 minutes for it to cool down, the restart it.

Computer Questions

Q: I logged in on the touch panel and selected the Linux (or NT) machine but nothing is on the monitor and pressing keys on the keyboard does nothing. What do I do?
A: First make sure that the keyboard switch is ON. (It located under the keyboard mounted again the right side of the console.) Next, make sure that the keyboard switch is on computer number 2 for Linux and 1 for NT. If you still have no mouse/keyboard, turn off the keyboard switch and turn it back on again. (The power button is the large round button on the switch box.) Now press ENTER. If this does not work, the computer may be down, contact an Adminstrator.
Q: I tried to use the NT machine and there is no image! What do I do?
A: The NT machine may be off. It is located in the console below the touch panel. If there are no lights on on the computer, press the button with the green light in the middle of it. See if the computer comes up then.
Q: I can enter my username and password on the NT machine, but it does not let me login. What do I do?
A: The network connection to the NT machine may be down. Windows NT does this at times. Either reboot the NT machine or contact an Administrator.

Broadcast and Recording Questions

Q: I want to tape my lecture/seminar/talk. How do I do it?
A: Login to the console touch panel, select MultiCast, then press record on the VCR controls. You can control the Camera either by the touch panel or with the remote in the drawer. You will also need the wireless microphone that is in the drawer. Make sure you turn on the microphone before using it and that it has batteries (the light will be on if it has batteries). When you are done, you can press stop on the touch panel and rewind/eject the tape.
Q: I want to broadcast my lecture! What do I do?
A: Login to the console touch panel and the Windows NT machine. Now execute the program "Real Producer G2" on the NT machine, it should be on the desktop. The configuration screen that appears should be setup properly and ready to broadcast. The filename listed should be live.rm and the video will be watchable at the URL Hit OK and then hit START to begin recording and broadcasting. More detailed instructions will be available soon. Press the Multicast button and you can control the camera with the panel or with the remote. Use the wireless Microphone in the drawer and make sure it has batteries. If you want to record your talk as well, press record on the VCR under the MultiCast screen on the touch panel.
Q: Nothing is working! I need to get this going now!!!! What do I do?
A: The system is not always perfect. Start EARLY to make sure that things are working before the actual time of the talk. The Administrators are usually available during the day, send email or ask the secretaries to find us.

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