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This is our old website. Please go to our current site at Please let us know if any resources you need at this old site are becoming inaccessible due to the change.



Welcome to the Duke University Department of Mathematics computing pages. These pages are intended to provide an introduction to computing within the department for new users as well as a detailed reference and log for experienced users. Please note that if you have any questions or suggestions, that you mail

Requesting an Account

You may request a mathematics account by applying online with our Secure Online Account Application or by going to the main office in room 121 in the Physics building, or downloading, and filling out a Computer Account Applications Form and delivering it to the Mathematics Office.

Note that only Duke Mathematics Department members, collaborators, and Duke Mathematics First Majors are eligible for mathematics computing accounts.

Resources Available

We have worked hard to develop a modern and efficient infrastructure to support the computing needs within the Mathematics department. The majority of the machines in use in the department run a form of the Unix operating system called Fedora Core Linux.  A PowerPC G4 MacOSX based system and a Windows XP system are also available for public use in the computing lab across from the lounge.

  • Information about the computing hardware, printing and scanning resources, and public clusters can be found on the Facilities Page.
  • If you would like help with Unix, please check out our Documentation Page before sending your question to We try to put the most frequently asked question here.
  • Information about the software available on our systems can be found on our Software Page.
  • We also have been developing an advanced Multimedia Classroom that has the capability to record, archive, and transmit Audio/Video streams of lectures and seminars over the Internet/Internet 2 opening the door to many distance-learning opportunities. In addition, the room is well equipped to provide teachers with the resources needed to teach advanced applied mathematics courses as well as present other courses in a more insightful manner.
  • Please read our Computing Policy Page to learn what is and is not appropriate usage of departmental resources and what services are provided.

Reporting a Problem or Making a Request

We have a WWW based interface for reporting problems. This interface allows user to track their problem request, and view the queue of problems being worked on by the SysAdmins. You can report a problem now using the WWW Interface or by sending email to

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