Hodge Theory, Moduli and Representation Theory

Patrick Brosnan
Alessio Corti
Mark de Cataldo
Simion Filip
Laure Flapan
Wushi Goldring
Mark Green
François Greer
Phillip Griffiths
Paul Hacking
Matt Kerr
Bruno Klingler
Sándor Kovács
János Kollár
Davesh Maulik
Greg Pearlstein
Colleen Robles
Giulia Saccà
Luca Schaffler
Stefan Schreieder
Burt Totaro
Duco van Straten
Botong Wang
Zheng Zhang
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The conference is generously supported by the National Science Foundation (through the Focused Research Group grant Hodge Theory, Moduli and Representation Theory), Stony Brook University and the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics. Junior researchers and under-represented minorities are especially encouraged to apply for support.


The deadline to apply for funding is May 31. Registration will remain open until June 30.


Patrick Brosnan
Matt Kerr
Radu Laza
Greg Pearlstein
Colleen Robles