Math 401 Fall 2015

Math 401: Introduction to Abstract Algebra

Goals: We will study some basic ideas of modern abstract algebra, developing along the way the ability to write clear proofs and applications to modern cryptography and classical geometric non-constructibilty.
Text: Abstract Algebra: A Geometric Approach by Ted Shifrin. We will be covering Chapters 1 and 3 - 6, but not every section in each of these chapters will be covered.
Professor: William Pardon
219 Physics
Office Hours: Wednesday, 1-4 and by appointment
Lectures: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:50 - 4:05, Physics 259
Requirements: There will be a midterm exam, a final exam and weekly homework. Some problems from the homework will reappear on the exams. Your final letter grade will be based on these components weighted as follows: homework 30%, midterm exam 25%, final exam 50%. Please see the page of Policy Regarding Submitted Work and Missed Work.
Announcements: Check here regularly for special class announcements.
Ethics: Students are expected to adhere to the Duke Community Standard. You must reaffirm your committment to these standards on all work.
Collaboration: You may (and are encouraged to) discuss issues raised by the class or the homework problems with your fellow classmates and both offer and receive advice. However all submitted homework must be written up individually without consulting anyone else's written solution. For quizzes, the midterm, and the final exam, you will work without collaboration with others.
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