Math 121 Spring 2005

Policies regarding submitted work and missed work

Written Work: A multiple page homework assignment must be stapled, written legibly and on one side of each page only and must contain the reaffirmation of the Duke community standard. Otherwise, it will be returned ungraded. If your solution of a problem requires more than a single expression or equation, it must be phrased in complete sentences. The logic of a proof must be completely clear.
Homework: Problems from the homework will reappear on quizzes and exams. I will go over in detail the solution to any homework problem during office hours. You may use a computational aid for the homework but I do not recommend it, since calculators and computers will not be allowed on the quizzes and exams.
Missed Work: Unexcused late homework will not be graded and unexcused missed quizzes and exams may not be made up. For the following situations, Dean's excuse, an incapacitating short-term illness, or an officially recognized religious holiday, please see the indicated web-page for the procedures that must be followed.

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