Mathematics 114 - Applied Mathematical Analysis II

Spring Semester 2005


Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Fifth Edition, by Peter V. O'Neil, published by Thomson Brooks-Cole


William K. Allard, Professor of Mathematics
  • Office: 024A Physics Building
  • Phone: (919) 660-2861
  • Fax: (919) 660-2821
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  • Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday, 1:00-3:00 pm, and by appointment.
  • Time and Place for Mathematics 114, Spring Semester 2005

  • Tuesday and Thursday, 10:05-11:20am, Physics 120
  • Syllabus For Mathematics 114

    We will cover Chapters 20-24 and Chapters 13-18, in that order. We will not cover every section in every chapter. Consult Homework to see exactly what we will cover.


    There will be two in-class exams, a weekly quiz, and a final exam; these will count 40%, 20% and 40% of your grade, respectively. The homework assignments will graded and returned to you; I will keep track of the homework grades but they will not count toward your grade for the course.

    Students with excused absences will be given a make-up exam. No quizzes or homework will be made up for credit, but it's important to make it up for your own benefit. Late homework will not be accepted.


    Students often complain that mathematics is useless. Nothing could be further from the truth, although it is the case that some mathematics is more useful than other mathematics. One reason students think mathematics is useless is because it is often presented without motivation. Teachers of mathematics, me included, are quite preoccupied with being correct technically; while being correct technically is very important, it does often absorb too much energy on the part of the instructor the result of which is that motivation is neglected. If you feel I have not motivated something and/or that my treatment is too technical, squawk; I may not agree with you but I will try to accommodate you.

    Very often when you see mathematics at this level it is far from obvious what it might be good for. If you want to know what some piece of mathematics in the course is good for, just ask me. I may not always be able to respond on the spot but I will eventually.

    Math 114 Notes

  • The exponential function and its friends the trigonometric and hyperbolic functions. PDF
  • Some Matlab routines for stuff we have been doing. Click here
  • A useful formula for Fourier coefficients of discontinuous functions. PDF
  • Answer key to Test Two. PDF
  • Homework for Math 114, Spring Semester 2005

  • Homework PDF
  • Some References

    Coming later!

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  • All quizzes and exams will be done without books, notes and without collaborating with any other student.
  • Homework assignments can discussed with other students in the course and I encourage you to do so. However, solutions must be written up individually without consulting anyone else's written solution and any assistance received must be acknowledged.
  • Calculators may be used on homework but not on quizzes or exams unless specified in class in advance.
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