Mathematics 196S - Seminar in Mathematical Modeling

Fall 2001: Modeling the dynamics of viscous fluids

An introduction to the mathematical modeling of modern problems in fluid dynamics. Beginning with the derivation of the fundamental equations of fluid motion, we will construct models for waves and free-surface flows, lubrication theory and the shallow water equations. Techniques for solving these problems analytically and numerically will be developed with an emphasis on gaining an insight into the underlying physics.
We will cover topics including hyperbolic and parabolic partial differential equations, nonlinear ordinary differential equations, boundary layers, dimensional analysis, and stability theory.

Course times: Tu Th 12:40--1:55 PM Room: 205 Physics Building

Dr. Thomas P. Witelski
Duke University
Department of Mathematics
Room 127 Physics
Office Hours: MW 10-12, or by appointment
Office phone: 660-2841

Dr. Mark Bowen
Duke University
Department of Mathematics
Room 029A Physics
Office Hours: T3-5, Th 9-11, or by appointment
Office phone: 660-2871

Textbook: Elementary Fluid Dynamics by D. J. Acheson
Prerequisites: Vector Calculus (Math 103) and Differential Equations (Mth 111 or Mth 131)

The Duke Focused Research Group of the Dynamics of Thin Films.

The Duke Scientific Computing and Applied Math Seminar