30 years of Women in Probability

30 years ago in October 16-18, 1994 there was a meeting called Women in Probability held in Ithaca NY. This summer there will be another one August 5-6, 2024 at UNC in Chapel Hill, NC. To see the history .

August 5-6, 2024 at UNC in Chapel Hill, NC

Organized by Rick Durrett with help from Shankar Bhamidi and Zoe Huang (UNC)


Monday August 5

10-10:45 Tai Melcher (U. of Virginia)

11:15-12 Lea Popovic (Concordia)


2-2:45 Ivana Bozic (Washington)

3-3:45 Samantha Petti (Tufts)

4:15-5 Jasmine Foo (Minnesota)

Conference dinner (by invitation)

Tuesday August 6

10-10:45 Tamara Broderick (MIT)

11:15 - 12 Dana Randall (Georgia Tech)

Supported by

NSF grants DMS 2011385 (SEPC conference grant) and DMS 2153429 (Durrett individual grant from probability program).

Co-sponsored by the Institute of Mathematical Statistics

Participant support. Grants of up to $500 are available to partially support the participation of 10 young female participants (defined as not yet tenured). Send an email to the organizer (RTD) with brief statement about your research and why you would like to attend the conference, attach a CV, and arrange for you thesis advisor or postdoctoral mentor to send a brief email (a few sentences is sufficient) endorsing your participation in the conference. The first round of decisions will be made on June 1, and after that on a rolling basis.

The organizer (RTD) is retired (as of 7/1/2023) and no longer @t the MATH department in .DUKE.EDU but he still gets his email there.