Reading group Fall 2017

Meets 1-2PM Tuesday in the conference room.

Chosen but not yet scheduled

Matt Junge
C. Goldschmidt and Michal Przkuckii
Parking on a random tree

Zoe Huang
The winner takes it all
Competing growth models on random graphs
Maria Deijfen and Remco van der Hofstad
AoAP 26, 2419 – 2453

Some possible papers

Please suggest others especially if you will lead the discussion

Universal limit theorems in graph coloring problems with connections to extremal combinatorics
Bhaswar B. Bhattacharya, Persi Diaconis, and Sumit Mukherjee
AoAP 27, 337 - 394

Universality for first passage percolation on sparse random graphs
Shankar Bhamidi, Remco van der Hofstad, and Gerard Hooghiemstra
AoP 45, 2568 – 2630

Percolation on the stationary distributions of the voter model
Balázs Ráth and Daniel Valesin
AoP 45, 1899 – 1951

Unoriented first-passage percolation on the n-cube
Anders Martinsson
AoAP 26, 2597 – 2625

Scaling limit of the corrector in stochastic homogenization
Jean-Christophe Mourrat and James Nolen
AoAP 27, 944 – 959

Lotka–Volterra with randomly fluctuating environments or “how switching between beneficial environments can make survival harder”
Michel Benaďm and Claude Lobry
AoAP 26, 3754 – 3785

High-dimensional Lipschitz functions are typically flat
Ron Peled
AoP 45, 1351 – 1447

KPZ etc

Fluctuations of TASEP and LPP with general initial data
Ivan Corwin, Zhipeng Liu, and Dong Wang
AoAP 26, 2030 – 2082
solves a problem posed in:

Renormalization fixed point of the KPZ universality class
Ivan Corwin, Jeremy Quastel, and Daniel Remenik
J Stat Phys 16 (2015), 815-834
Daniel talked aobut this at SEPC 2017

KPZ equation limit of higher-spin exclusion processes
Ivan Corwin and Li-Cheng Tsai
AoP 45, 1771 - 1798

Quantum gravity and inventory accumulation
Scott Sheffield
AoP 44, 3804 - 3848