A quiet spot in the Sarah P. Duke gardens.

2023 Southeastern Probability Conference - 1

May 15-16, 2023 at Duke University in Durham, NC

Organized by Rick Durrett with help from Shankar Bhamidi (UNC), Michael Damron (Georgia Tech), and Evita Nestoridi (Stonybrook).

Talks will be held in Physics 130 Abstracts

Monday May 15

10-10:45 Amol Aggarwal (Columbia)
Mobility edge for Levy matrices

10:45-11:15 Coffee in the lounge (Physics 101) If Keurig coffee is not to your liking then there is Beyu Blue in the student union building or Twinnie's on the Engineering quad crude map

11:15-12 David Harper (Georgia Tech)
Exceptional events in critical 2d first passage percolation

12-2 Lunch - canonical choice is West Campus union A more complete list

2-2:45 Yuxin Zhou (Northwestern)
The spherical mixed p-spin glass at zero temperature

3-3:45 Morgane Austern (Harvard))
Limit theorems for structured random objects

4:15-5 Alexander Dunlap (NYU)
The nonlinear stochastic heat equation in the critical dimension

Self-organized dinner. Get a group of people an explore Durham restuarants

Tuesday May 16

10-10:45 Philippe Sosoe (Cornell)
Tail bounds in KPZ models

11:15-12 Emma Bailey (CUNY)
Large deviations of Selberg’s central limit theorem

12-2 Lunch

2-2:45 Nina Holden (NYU)
Regularity of the Schramm-Loewner evolution

3-3:45 Chris Janjigian (Purdue)
Ergodicity and synchronization of the Kardar-Parisi Zhang equation

Supported by NSF grant DMS 2011385.

Co-sponsored by the Institute of Mathematical Statistics

Reimbursement information for speakers and participants. Fillable pdf form * Instructions . Send forms and questions to the conference organizer.

There is a second meeting this summer August 14-15 at U of Virginia in Charlottesville organized by Tai Melcher et alia.