2022 Southeastern Probability Conference - 1

If you are looking for the conference to be held August 8-9, click here

May 31- June 1, 2022 at Duke University in Durham, NC

Talks were held in the the RJR Classroom at the Fuqua School of Business.


Tuesday May 31

PDF schedule with abstracts

10-10:45 Erik Bates (Wisconsin)
Replica symmetry breaking in multi-species spin glasses

11:15-12 Mariana Olvera-Cravioto (UNC)
PageRank on directed preferential attachment graphs

12-2 Lunch

2-2:45 Konstantin Matetski (Columbia)
Polynuclear growth and the Toda lattice

3-3:45 Nick Cook (Duke)
Structure and stability for sparse exponential random graphs

4:15-5 Juraj Foldes (Virginia)
Law of iterated logarithm for stochastic differential equations and applications to hypoelliptic PDEs

Wedesday June 1

10-10:45 Shankar Bhamidi (UNC)
Weak and strong disorder models for random graphs: FPP, MST, OMG

11:15-12 Evita Nestoridi (Princeton)
Limit Profiles of Reversible Markov chains

Supported by NSF grant DMS 2011385.

Co-sponsored by the Institute of Mathematical Statistics