2019 Southeastern Probability Conference

May 13-14, 2019 at Duke University in Durham, NC

James B. Duke??

Talks in 130 Physics

Monday May 13

9:30 AM Alisa Knizel (Columbia)
Discrete loop equations and Gaussian asymptotics

11 Boris Hanin (Texas A&M )
Gradients in Deep Neural Nets and Random Matrix Products

1:30 Mykhaylo Shkolnikov (ORFE Princeton)
The supercooled Stefan problem

2:30 Vivian Healey (Dickson instructor at Chicago)
Multiple SLE from a Loop Mesasure Perspective

4:00 Jian Ding (Statistics Dept in Wharton School at Penn)
Localization near the edge for the Anderson Bernoulli model on the two-dimensional lattice

6:00 Dinner at Counting House, which is in the hotel 21c, for speakers and faculty (and postdoc) participants. Due to the cost there will be a $30 co-pay, but you will get "two free drinks." If you want to attend please express you intention by May 8.

Tuesday May 14

9:30 AM Yuri Bakhtin (NYU)
Ergodic theory of the stochastic Burgers equation.

11:00 AM Shirshendu Ganguly (Berkeley Statistics)
Some exponents governing the geometry of the Airy sheet

See map for locations. Physics is near the little circle at the end of Science Drive. Turn right at the corner before it and the lot next to the Bryan Center has parking for the bargain rate of $12 per day.

There is no fee to attend or formal registration process. However if you plan to attend please email rtd at math dot duke dot edu