5th Cornell Probability Summer School

July 6 - 17, 2009 at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY

The main lecturers were:

Yuval Peres Aspects of Markov chains: mixing, rate of escape, and application to metric embedding. Slides of his lectures

Robin Pemantle Probability from generating functions: limit laws, singularity analysis, fourier techniques,
automatic asymptotics and applications to exactly solvable models in combinatorics, physics, etc. Background material

Ander Holroyd Matching, coupling and point processes. outline and references

In addition there were two one-hour talks by:

Rick Kenyon Scott Sheffiled Balint Virag

Detailed information about the conference:

Conference Schedule (Final version)

Abstracts of contributed talks (Final version)

PDF's of short talks

How to give a 20 minute talk

Conference photos: first * second

This meeting is partially supported a grant from the National Science Foundation to the probability group at Cornell University.