2nd Cornell Probability Summer School

June 26 - July 7, 2006 at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY

The theme was probability problems that arise from genetics. The aim was to introduce probabilists who have no prior experience in this area to research problems at this exciting interface.

Three main lecturers gave six lecture series.

Warren Ewens U. of Pennsylvania * Lecture Notes * Slides * BLAST * TDT
Robert Griffiths Oxford University * Slides
Simon Tavare U.of Southern California
Slides for lectures 1 and 2 * 3 and 4 * 5 * 6

In addition there were one hour lectures by Cornell faculty providing biological background and motivation.

Chip Aquadro * Slides
Carlos Bustamante * Slides
Andy Clark * Slides

and one hour lectures by probabilists experienced in working at this interface:

Steve Evans U. C. Berkeley * Slides
Susan Holmes Stanford Statistics
Paul Joyce U. of Idaho * Slides
Steve Krone U. of Idaho * Slides
Vlada Limic U. of British Columbia
Jason Schweinsberg U.C. San Diego * Slides

In addition there were about two dozen 25 minute talks by conference participants.


This meeting was partially supported a grant from the National Science Foundation to the probability group at Cornell University.

Announcement of the 2007 school