Omer Bobrowski

I am a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Mathematics Department at Duke University.

Contact Information

Office: 222 Physics Building

Phone: (919) 660-2878

Email: olmlelrl@lmlaltlhl.ldlulklel.leldlu

Department of Mathematics

Duke University

Durham, NC 27708

Research Interests




Fall 2015:
MATH/STAT 690 - Topics in Probability
STAT 130 - Probability and Statistics in Engineering

Fall 2014/2013/2013:
MATH 212 - Mutlivariate Calculus

A Neat (?) Simulation

Move your mouse to change angles, and you can click the following:

z/x - zoom in/out

left/right - change size

up/down - speed

f/g - fluctuations (more/less)

r - start over

p - pause (on/off)

s - show a slice (on/off)

0-9 - take a screenshot