Mathematics 612, Fall 2013

Algebraic Topology II

Wednesdays, Fridays 1:25-2:40pm, Physics 227
Office hours: Wednesdays 4:20-5:00, Thursdays 12:00-2:00, or drop by or make an appointment. (Please note that my undergraduate course has priority for the official office hours.)

There will be no class November 6 and November 8.

Homework assignments

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We will use Hatcher for the first portion of the course, when we discuss singular cohomology. The rest of the course will be based on Bott and Tu.

Prerequisites: Math 611 or familiarity with equivalent material (fundamental group, simplicial/singular homology, CW complexes; essentially the first two chapters of Hatcher). Math 621 or familiarity with basic differential topology (smooth manifolds, tangent/cotangent bundle, differential forms) will also be helpful.

There will be weekly/biweekly homework assignments and a take-home final exam for this course.

Here are topics that I plan to cover in the course: