Stephen McKean Teaching CV


Twoples is an online mentoring program inspired by the Directed Reading Program. The main goal of Twoples is to connect graduate mentors with undergraduates interested in pursuing a graduate degree in the mathematical sciences. Twoples especially aims to provide such mentorship to students from underrepresented groups or non-traditional backgrounds, as well as to students at liberal arts colleges, minority-serving institutions, community colleges, and universities with no Directed Reading Program. Please apply if you're interested in being a mentee or mentor!

Graduate Student Diversity Council

I was one of the inagural members of the College of Sciences Graduate Student Diversity Council at Georgia Tech. My main project aimed to have grad school application fees waived for prospective students from underrepresented or financially burdened groups.

High School Math Competition

Each spring, Georgia Tech's School of Math hosts the annual High School Math Competition. I helped organize the 2018 and 2019 competitions by writing problems, designing shirts, and proctoring and grading on the day of the competition.