Logan Stokols, taken by Val Zakharevich

Logan Stokols, PhD

Phillip Griffiths Assistant Research Professor at Duke University


  • PDE, Fluids, De Giorgi's Method, Nonlocal Equations, Kinetic Equations, Degenerate Ellipticity


  • Phillip Griffiths Assistant Research Professor (2021-2024) Duke University, 3-year appointment
  • Postdoctoral Fellow (2020-2021) Fields Institute, part of Thematic Program on Mathematical Hydrodynamics
  • PhD (2020) UT Austin, Advised by Alexis Vasseur
  • B.A. (2014) Mathematics, University of California at Berkeley



List of known errors/typos in published works.
If you are aware of any errors in my work, no matter how small, please contact me. I know well the frustration of closely reading a paper and wondering whether something is an error or I merely lack an understanding of what the author intended. I have no desire to inflict that frustration on others if I can avoid it.


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