Jian-Guo Liu : Math 226 Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations

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Course Description:
Duke Online Course Synopsis Handbook:
Numerical solution of hyperbolic conservation laws. Conservative difference schemes, modified equation analysis and Fourier analysis, Lax-Wendroff process. Gas dynamics and Riemann problems. Upwind schemes for hyperbolic systems. Nonlinear stability, monotonicity and entropy; TVD, MUSCL, and ENO schemes for scalar laws. Approximate Riemann solvers and schemes for hyperbolic systems. Multidimensional schemes. Adaptive mesh refinement. Finite difference and spectral methods for time-dependent problems. Hyperbolic and parabolic systems, initial and initial-boundary value problems of hyperbolic and parabolic types. Stability and convergence theories for linear and nonlinear problems. Finite difference methods for elliptic problems.



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Basic Numerics, Scientific Computing, and Software Packages:
Numerical Recipes in Fortran or in C, Cambridge University Press
H.-O. Kreiss: Numerical Methods for Solving Time-Dependent Problems for Partial Differential Equations (1978)
J.C. Strikwerda: Finite Difference Schemes and Partial Differential Equations (1989)
Morton, Mayers: Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations
Scientific Computing MAPL660, Fall 98, MAPL661, Spring 99
Computational Fluid Dynamics, MAPL698b, Fall 99
Financial Modeling & Simulation, MAPL699, Spring 00

My Papers on CFD


Introduction to Compressible Flow
    * Derivation of hyperbolic systems and conservation laws;
    * The Euler equations and the Navier-Stokes equations of gas dynamics;
    * Mach number and the compressibility
    * Other Applications:
      - Shallow water equations;
      - Acoustic waves in the atmosphere, the ocean, or solids;
      - Electro-magnetic waves, including visible light, radar;
      - Traffic dynamics on a crowded road,;
      - Porous media flow, e.g. water or petroleum under the earth
      - Combustion of gases involving detonation and deflagration waves;
      - Magnetohydrodynamical waves in plasma and ionized gases; etc

Mathematical Theory
    * Linear hyperbolic systems:
      - characteristics and Riemann invariants,
      - solution to the Riemann problem,
      - applications to acoustics and elasticity
    * Scalar nonlinear conservation laws,
      - Burgers' equation and traffic flow models;
      - Shock formation and weak solutions,
      - rarefaction waves, the Riemann problem;
      - Non-uniqueness and entropy conditions,
    * Nonlinear systems of hyperbolic equations:
      - Solution of the nonlinear Riemann problem;
      - Shock waves, rarefaction waves, contact discontinuities.
      - shock speed and Rankine-Hugoniot relation

Numerical Methods
    * First-order Monotone methods:
      - stability and convergence theory, Lax equivalence Theorem
      - the CFL condition,
      - Lax-Friedriches scheme, upwind methods and Godunov's method,
      - kinetic scheme and flux splitting
      - numerical flux functions, numerical viscosity and modified equation
    * Second-order and high-resolution methods:
      - Lax-Wendroff scheme and MacCormack scheme
      - flux limiters and slope limiters, PPM and ENO scheme
      - total variation diminishing (TVD) methods and FCT scheme
    * Boundary conditions: periodic, non-reflecting, solid walls
    * Far field boundary conditions
    * Approximate Riemann solvers, e.g. Roe solvers for nonlinear systems
    * Stability and convergence of nonlinear methods:
      - conservative scheme and the Lax-Wendroff theorem,
      - total variation stability
    * Multi-dimensional problems: dimensional splitting and unsplit methods

More applications (depending in part on the interests of students)
    * Curvilinear grids and unstructured grids
    * Adaptive mesh refinement
    * Source terms, (e.g. chemical reactions, gravitational forces), fractional step methods
    * Multi-gird method for steady state computation

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