Current group members

Joel Bierman, graduate student
Ziang Chen, graduate student
Yixin Tan, graduate student
Mo Zhou, graduate student

Bowen Li, postdoc, 7/2021 --
Shijun Zhang, postdoc (co-advised with Hongkai Zhao), 8/2022 --
Jing An, postdoc, 8/2022 --

We are always on the lookout for talented people to join the group!
For potential PhD students, please apply through the Duke Graduate School.
For potential postdocs, please apply on mathjobs.


Charlio Xu, PhD 2017
Jeffrey LaComb, PhD 2019
Kyle Thicke, PhD 2019
Yu Cao, PhD 2020
Zhe Wang, PhD 2020
Kevin Stubbs, PhD 2021
Lihan Wang, PhD 2021

Zhenning Cai, former postdoc (4/2016--12/2016)
Haizhao Yang, former postdoc (7/2015--9/2017)
Zhennan Zhou, former postdoc (8/2014--7/2017)
Yulong Lu, former postdoc (8/2017--7/2020, co-advised with Jonathan Mattingly)
Matthias Sachs, former SAMSI postdoc (8/2017--7/2020, co-advised with Jonathan Mattingly)
Alexander Watson, former postdoc (8/2017--7/2020)
Yingzhou Li, former postdoc (7/2017--12/2020)
Holden Lee, former postdoc (1/2020--7/2022, co-advised with Rong Ge)
Min Wang, former postdoc (8/2019--7/2022)