Current group members

Yu Cao, graduate student
Kevin Stubbs, graduate student
Lihan Wang, graduate student
Zhe Wang, graduate student
Mo Zhou, graduate student

Yingzhou Li, postdoc, 7/2017--
Yulong Lu, postdoc (co-advised with Jonathan Mattingly), 8/2017--
Matthias Sachs, postdoc (SAMSI/Duke, co-advised with Jonathan Mattingly), 8/2017--
Min Wang, postdoc, 8/2019--
Alexander Watson, postdoc, 8/2017 --

We are always on the lookout for talented people to join the group!


Charlio Xu, PhD 2017, now in the private sector
Jeffrey LaComb, PhD 2019, now at Drexel University
Kyle Thicke, PhD 2019, now at Technical University of Munich

Zhenning Cai, postdoc (4/2016--12/2016), now at National University of Singapore
Haizhao Yang, postdoc (7/2015--9/2017), now at Purdue University
Zhennan Zhou, postdoc (8/2014--7/2017), now at BICMR, Peking University