Current group members

Yu Cao, graduate student
Jeffrey LaComb, graduate student
Kevin Stubbs, graduate student
Kyle Thicke, graduate student
Zhe Wang, graduate student
Charlio Xu, graduate student
Haizhao Yang, postdoc, 7/2015--
Zhennan Zhou, postdoc, 8/2014--

We are always on the lookout for talented people to join the group!


Zhenning Cai, postdoc (4/2016--12/2016), now Assistant Professor at National University of Singapore

Undergraduate research supervised

Matthew Gherman, PRUV Fellow, Summer 2016
Jeremy Tay, Research Independent Study, Fall 2015
Austin Ferguson, Duke Biomath REU, Summer 2015
Fuchsia Chen, PRUV Fellow, Summer 2015
Lei (Leslie) Lei, PRUV Fellow, Summer 2013 -- Spring 2014