Math 218D-1 Spring 2022


Welcome to Math 218D! I will post almost all course materials on this page. Please check back for information about homework assignments, exams, and additional resources. You should probably read the syllabus.

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Joe Rabinoff
Joe Rabinoff

Joe Rabinoff
Math & Physics 243
Office Hours:
M10–noonGross Hall 105
Th1:30–2:30pmPerkins LINK 079
 (Seminar 3)
Alex Wagner
Alex Wagner

Alex Wagner
Gross Hall Desk 68
Office Hours:
W1:30–3:30pmGross Hall 324
Th12–1pmGross Hall 318
Eylem Yildiz
Eylem Yildiz

Eylem Yildiz
Math & Physics 114
Office Hours:


Lecture Instructor Location Time
218D-1 (001) Joe Rabinoff Math & Physics 130 TTh 10:15–11:30am
218D-1 (002) Alex Wagner Math & Physics 130 TTh 3:30–4:45pm
Problem Session Instructor Location Time
218D-1 (01D) Eylem Yildiz Reuben-Cooke 127 F 8:30–9:45am
218D-1 (02D) Eylem Yildiz Social Sciences 119 F 10:15–11:30am
218D-1 (03D) Eylem Yildiz Math & Physics 235 F 12:00–1:15pm
218D-1 (04D) Eylem Yildiz Reuben-Cooke 127 F 3:30–4:45pm


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Strang, Introduction to Linear Algebra
The official text for the course is Introduction to Linear Algebra (5th Ed) by Gilbert Strang, Wellesley–Cambridge Press/SIAM (2016). However, we will follow Strang only loosely. Another good reference is the online text Interactive Linear Algebra, by Dan Margalit and Joe Rabinoff.


Office Hours
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  Topic and Section Materials Homework
Week 1: 1/3 Introduction Joe's Notes  ●  Alex's Notes
Demo: Best fit ellipse
Demo: Rabbit population
Demo: A Plane
Demo: Two Planes
Homework #1
Due 1/10


Note: HW#1 covers the recorded lecture.
Vectors and Matrices (Ch. 1, 2.4, 2.7) Joe's Notes

Recorded: Watch on WarpWire (on Sakai) before the second lecture.
Problem Session
Week 2: 1/10 Solving Equations: Elimination (2.2) Joe's Notes  ●  Alex's Notes Homework #2
Due 1/17

Gauss–Jordan Algorithm (2.2) Joe's Notes  ●  Alex's Notes
Gauss–Jordan Slideshow
Rabinoff's Reliable Row Reducer
Problem Session Worksheet and Solutions
Week 3: 1/17 Inverse and Elementary Matrices (2.3, 2.5) Joe's Notes Homework #3
Due 1/24

LU Decomposition (2.6) Joe's Notes
Problem Session Worksheet
Week 4: 1/24 Parametric Form Demo: Parameterized Line
Demo: Parameterized Plane
Homework #4
Due 1/31

Spans (3.2, 3.3)
Problem Session
Week 5: 1/31 Subspaces (3.1, 3.2) Homework #5
Due 2/9

Linear Independence and Basis (3.4, 3.5)
Week 6: 2/7 Fundamental Subspaces (3.4, 3.5) Homework #6
Due 2/14

Orthogonal Complements (3.5, 4.1)
Problem Session
Week 7: 2/14 The Big Picture (3.5, 4.1) Homework #7
Due 2/21

Orthogonal Projections (4.2)
Problem Session
Week 8: 2/21 Least Squares (4.3) Homework #8
Due 2/28

Gram–Schmidt and QR (4.4)
Problem Session
Week 9: 2/28 Determinants I (5.1, 5.3) Homework #9
Due 3/14

Determinants II (5.2)
Week 10: 3/14 Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors (6.1) Homework #10
Due 3/21

Diagonalization (6.2)
Problem Session
Week 11: 3/21 Complex Numbers; Euler's Formula (9.1) Joe's Notes

Recorded: Watch on WarpWire (on Sakai) before Tuesday's lecture.
Homework #11
Due 3/28

AM/GM and Diagonalizability (6.2)
Systems of ODEs (6.3)
Problem Session
Week 12: 3/28 Spectral Theorem (6.4) Homework #12
Due 4/4

LDLT; Quadratic Optimization (2.7, 6.5)
Problem Session
Week 13: 4/4 Quadratic Optimization II (6.5) Homework #13
Due 4/13

SVD: Outer Product Form (7.1, 7.2)
Week 14: 4/11 SVD: Matrix Form (7.3) Homework #14
Due 4/19

PCA I (7.3, 7.4)
Problem Session
4/19 PCA II (7.3) Homework #15
(Not collected)
Final exams:
218D-1 (001):Wednesday, 4/27, 9am–noon
218D-1 (002):Friday, 4/29, 7–10pm