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    Mailing address: see https://www.math.duke.edu/info/
    Office: Duke University, Physics BLD, Room 224
    Email: haizhao at math dot duke dot edu


    Visiting Assistant Professor 2015-
    Department of Mathematics
    Duke University


    Ph.D. in Mathematics 2012-2015
    Stanford University
    Advisor: Lexing Ying

    M.s. in Mathematics 2010-2012
    the University of Texas at Austin

    B.s. in Mathematics2006-2010
    Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
    Advisor: Zhenli Xu

Latest news

Organizing SIAM Annual Meeting 2017 Minisymposium: Numerical Linear Algebra in Data Science

Motivated by the extremely large amounts of data streaming from scientific research and daily life, recent years have witnessed exciting developments in the theory and practice of numerical linear algebra for obtaining instantaneous insight from massive datasets. This minisymposium introduces recent advances in both theory and high-performance algorithms for fast numerical linear algebra in data science, e.g. efficient matrix decomposition and applications, fast and scalable algorithms for optimization. These techniques significantly improve the efficiency of existing algorithms for information recovery, statistical learning, and machine learning. Section 1, Section 2.

A MATLAB package ButterflyLab

ButterflyLab is a MATLAB toolbox for fast evaluation of multidimensional Fourier integral operators for wave equations and a class of transforms in harmonic analysis. Algorithms in this package are based on the comprementary low-rank structure of the matrix representations of these opertors and transforms. The butterfly algorithm or butterfly factorization is able to evaluate the matrix-vector multiplication with nearly linear operation and memory complexity. This MATLAB package is available at Codes.

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