MATH 221: Linear Algebra and Applications
Section 04 (Fall 2013)

About the instructor

Instructor: Heekyoung Hahn
Email: hahn at math dot duke dot edu
Office: Physics 015

About class

Class hour and room: TuTh 11:45am-1pm (Physics 047)
Office hours: MW 3-4pm (Physics 015) or by appointment
Homework grader: Andrew You (ay46 at duke dot edu)
First day of instruction: August 27 (Tuesday)
Last day of instruction: December 5 (Thursday)
Textbook: Linear Algebra: A geometric approach by T. Shifrin and M. Adams (2nd ed), Freeman

About the exam schedule

Midterm 1: October 8 (Tuesday) in class
Midterm 2: November 21 (Thursday) in class
Quiz: September 17 (Tuesday) and October 31 (Thursday), in the last 15 minutes of the class
Final: December 10 (Tuesday) 9:00am-noon, Physics 047
There will be NO make-up exam. It is your responsibility to remember the exam date and time.
No calculators are permitted on tests, quizzes, and final.

About homework assignments

Homework problems will be given roughly every week.
Late homework will NOT be accepted.
You are required to check the following link regularly for the updated schedule.

About the grading scheme

Homework (10%), Midterm1 (20%), Midterm2 (20%), Quiz (10%), Final (40%)
Note that you must pass your final in order to pass the course.

About class handouts

You are required to read and understand the following handouts:
Properties of Scalars
Logic Premier by D. Hain

Getting Help

Math Help Desk
Peer Tutoring
Weekly workshop: TBA

You are expected to read your text book before each class. You should generally keep pace with the lecture material. Bring your math problems in your beer party!!

If you get stuck on homework problems, you don't understand some concept as well as you'd like, or you feel lost and confused, then please ask for help. Office hours are a good thing; you should take advantage of them in all your classes.

Last Modified August 15 (Thursday), 2013.