Tentative Schedule

Wednesday, June 12th
8:45 am: Registration
9:10 am: Welcome and  broader perspective on teaching-related professional development
9:30 am: National perspective on undergraduate mathematics teaching and professional development
10:00 am: Overview of conference activities
10:15 am: Conversation #1 – Research on learning to teach and how it relates to graduate student professional development
11:10 am: Break
11:20 am: Brainstorm session
12:15 pm: Lunch
1:30 pm: Conversation #2 - Examples of existing programs and their histories
2:30 pm: Discussion groups about a variety of topics
3:30 pm: Poster session
4:30 pm: Conversation #3 - Perspectives of graduate students and new faculty
6:00 pm: Dinner & plenary speaker Joan Ferrini-Mundy

Thursday, June 13th
 8:30 am: Professional development of graduate students
9:00 am: Discussion Groups, Part 2
10:00 am: Break
10:15 am: Working groups
11:30 am: Brief report out from working groups
noon: Lunch
1:30 pm: Working groups, continued
2:30 pm: Reports from working groups
3:30 pm: End of conference