Troop 412 visits the USS Nimitz

USS Nimitz at sea

In early March of 1998 the USS Nimitz returned to Norfolk, Virginia, for her first refueling since she was commissioned in 1975. For one month the ship remained moored at the Naval Base in Norfolk while preparations were made for her move across the river to the Newport News shipyards, where she was built about 25 years earlier. It was during this stay at a pier in Norfolk when our troop made a weekend visit to take a tour.

After spending Friday night in a nearby National Guard barracks, we arrived at the pier where the great ship Nimitz was moored.

One of our stops was in the Combat Information Center of the ship, but fortunately things were calm that day.

At this point we had firm control of the bridge.

After seeing the 4.5 acre flight deck, some of us felt that having a camporee on the deck would be feasible--at least when there are no flight operations underway! Included in this group picture is the petty officer who escorted us around the ship that day.

An unplanned treat was a tour that Troop 412 took on board the submarine, USS Narwhal. We were escorted through the submarine by the officer of the day! This lone picture will have to do, because for security reasons, we couldn't take photographs inside the submarine.

Troop 412