Math 790-92.03: Multivariable Calculus

This is the webpage for the Spring 2019 manifestation of Dr. Fitzpatrick's section of Math 790-92.03 at Duke University.

David Guichard has written a nice freely available textbook which we will use as a reference.

Date Started Topic Exercises
Wed 20-Mar 2019 Welcome! survey
Wed 20-Mar 2019 Vectors and Matrices pdf
Mon 25-Mar 2019 Functions Between Euclidean Spaces pdf
Wed 27-Mar 2019 Partial Derivatives pdf
Mon 01-Apr 2019 Linear Approximations pdf
Wed 03-Apr 2019 Implicit Functions pdf
Wed 10-Apr 2019 Systems of Implicit Functions pdf
Mon 15-Apr 2019 The Definiteness of Quadratic Forms pdf
Mon 15-Apr 2019 Unconstrained Optimization pdf
Wed 17-Apr 2019 Constrained Optimization pdf
Wed 17-Apr 2019 Double Integrals pdf