Math 790.03: Linear Algebra

This is the webpage for the Fall 2018 manifestation of Dr. Fitzpatrick's section of Math 790-92.03 at Duke University.

Beezer's A First Course in Linear Algebra is a nice freely available reference.

Date Started Topic Exercises
Mon 29-Oct 2018 Welcome! survey
Mon 29-Oct 2018 Digraphs pdf
Wed 31-Oct 2018 Vector Algebra and Geometry pdf
Wed 31-Oct 2018 Matrix Arithmetic pdf
Mon 05-Nov 2018 Linear Systems and Reduced Row Echelon Form pdf
Wed 07-Nov 2018 The Gauss-Jordan Algorithm pdf
Mon 12-Nov 2018 Nonsingular Matrices pdf
Wed 14-Nov 2018 Linear Subspaces of \(\Bbb R^n\) pdf
Mon 19-Nov 2018 Linear Independence pdf
Mon 26-Nov 2018 Bases and Dimension pdf
Wed 28-Nov 2018 Orthogonality pdf
Wed 28-Nov 2018 Projections pdf
Fri 30-Nov 2018 Least Squares Approximations pdf