Math 790.02: Discrete Probability

This is the webpage for the Fall 2018 manifestation of Dr. Fitzpatrick's section of Math 790.02 at Duke University.

Grinstead and Snell's Introduction to Probability is a nice freely available reference.

Date Started Topic Exercises
Wed 26-Sep 2018 Welcome! survey
Wed 26-Sep 2018 Sample Spaces, Events, and Probability pdf
Mon 01-Oct 2018 Conditional Probability pdf
Wed 03-Oct 2018 Bayes' Rule and Independence pdf
Mon 15-Oct 2018 Random Variables pdf
Mon 15-Oct 2018 Important Probability Distributions pdf
Wed 17-Oct 2018 Expected Value pdf
Mon 22-Oct 2018 Standard Deviation and Variance pdf
Wed 24-Oct 2018 Conditional Expectation and Correlation pdf