Math 790-92.01: Matrix Decompositions and Data

This is the webpage for the Spring 2019 manifestation of Dr. Fitzpatrick's section of Math 790-92.01 at Duke University.

Date Started Topic Exercises
Wed 09-Jan 2019 Welcome! survey
Wed 09-Jan 2019 \(PA=LU\) Factorizations pdf
Wed 09-Jan 2019 \(QR\)-Factorizations pdf
Wed 16-Jan 2019 Determinants pdf
Wed 23-Jan 2019 Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors pdf
Wed 30-Jan 2019 Diagonalization pdf
Wed 30-Jan 2019 The Spectral Theorem pdf
Mon 04-Feb 2019 The Definiteness of Quadratic Forms pdf
Wed 06-Feb 2019 Singular Value Decomposition pdf