Math 218: Matrices and Vector Spaces

This is the webpage for the Fall 2018 manifestation of Dr. Fitzpatrick's section of Math 218 at Duke University.

Solutions to problems will not be posted. Come to office hours to discuss homework!

Date Started Topic Exam HW Exercises
Tue 28-Aug 2018 Welcome!      
Tue 28-Aug 2018 Digraphs I, Final 1 pdf
Thu 30-Aug 2018 Vector Algebra and Geometry I, Final 1 pdf
Tue 04-Sep 2018 Matrix Arithmetic I, Final 2 pdf
Tue 04-Sep 2018 Linear Systems and Reduced Row Echelon Form I, Final 2 pdf
Thu 06-Sep 2018 The Gauss-Jordan Algorithm I, Final 2 pdf
Tue 11-Sep 2018 Elementary Matrices I, Final 3 pdf
Tue 11-Sep 2018 Nonsingular Matrices I, Final 4 pdf
Tue 18-Sep 2018 The \(PA=LU\) Factorization I, Final 4 pdf
Thu 20-Sep 2018 Linear Subspaces of \(\Bbb R^n\) II, Final 5 pdf
Thu 20-Sep 2018 Linear Independence II, Final 5 pdf
Tue 02-Oct 2018 Bases and Dimension II, Final 6 pdf
Thu 04-Oct 2018 Orthogonality II, Final 6 pdf
Thu 11-Oct 2018 Projections II, Final 7 pdf
Thu 11-Oct 2018 Least Squares Approximations II, Final 8 pdf
Tue 16-Oct 2018 Orthonormality and Gram-Schmidt II, Final 8 pdf
Thu 18-Oct 2018 Digraphs and Linear Subspaces II, Final 9 pdf
Tue 23-Oct 2018 Determinants II, Final 9 pdf
Thu 25-Oct 2018 Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors II, Final 10 pdf
Thu 01-Nov 2018 Diagonalization II, Final 11 pdf
Thu 08-Nov 2018 The Spectral Theorem Final 12 pdf
Thu 15-Nov 2018 Definiteness and the Cholesky Algorithm Final 12 pdf
Tue 20-Nov 2018 Jordan Canonical Form Final 13 pdf
Tue 27-Nov 2018 Singular Value Decomposition Final 13 pdf