Shira Faigenbaum-Golovin


I am a Phillip Griffiths Assistant Research Professor at the Mathematics department as well as at the Rhodes Interdisciplinary Initiative at Duke University , working with Prof. Ingrid Daubechies. In 2021 I completed my Ph.D. at the Department of Applied Mathematics, School of Mathematical Sciences, Tel Aviv University, under the supervision of Prof. David Levin and Prof. Yoel Shkolnisky.

My research interests span several areas, including numerical analysis mathematical modeling robust and statistically significant analysis of high-dimensional data. I strive to explore new challenges that arise from high-dimensional data as well as study the story that the data geometry tells by modeling the data and posing new mathematical tools. In particular, my research is in approximation theory in low and high-dimensions geometric methods for manifold reconstruction studying the geometry of the base manifold and its fibers computer vision image processing.
Notable applications of my current and past research include archaeology, evolutionary anthropology, Bible studies, art investigation, and general history. By applying my research to these diverse areas, I aim to contribute valuable insights and shed light on long debated questions.

My publication list (and most online available papers) can be viewed on Google Scholar.


I am co-organizing the AMS Special Session on Computational techniques to study the geometry of the shape space at Joint Mathematics Meetings (JMM) in San Francisco, CA on Jan 3-6 2024.
Please take a moment to look on our session program featuring approximately 20 speakers. We cordially invite you to join us in January!

Upcoming talks:
(1) New families of multiscale functions that are easy to learn by Neural Networks, JMM 2024, at the "AMS Special Session on Harmonic Analysis, Geometry Measure Theory, and Fractals, II", January 3, 3-3.30pm

(2) An iterative approach to learn and correct the connection in the fibre bundle model of families of shapes, JMM 2024, at the "AMS Special Session on Computational Techniques to Study the Geometry of the Shape Space, II", January 6, 11-11.30pm

Contact Info:
email: shira.golovin (at)



2014-2021: Ph.D student, Applied Mathematics, Tel Aviv University.
Title of thesis: Reconstruction and Denoising of Low Dimensional Manifolds from High Dimensional Scattered Data.
Under the supervision of Prof. D. Levin and Prof. Y. Shkolnisky

2009-2013: M.Sc, Applied Mathematics, Tel Aviv University (Magna Cum Laude).
Title of thesis: Anisotropic Moving Least Squares Function Approximation.
Under the supervision of Prof. D. Levin

2003-2006: B.Sc, Mathematics and Computer Science, Tel Aviv University.


In the Press

You can find several papers published in the press, as well as a TV show interview with me about ancient handwriting analysis here: Press

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