PRUV Fellowship program

Up to 8 students with a sincere desire and the ability to carry out research in mathematical sciences will be selected to be PRUV Fellows. Early in the junior year, each Fellow will be paired with an appropriate mentor in the mathematics or a related department.

In consultation with the PRUV Director and the mentor, the Fellow will choose courses and will be assigned additional background reading during his/her Junior year to help prepare for his/her summer research project.

The six-week summer intensive research session, before the Fellows' senior year, roughly coincides with the first summer session at Duke from late May until the end of June. Students will be provided with an adequate stipend for this period. Central campus apartments are available for that period.

During the intensive summer session, Fellows are expected to make substantial advances in their research in collaboration with their mentor.

Early in the fall term, each PRUV Fellow will give a short talk to other Fellows, Graduate Students and Faculty in the VIGRE program. Math majors and other students with a serious interest in mathematics will be encouraged to attend and ask questions about the program.

During their senior year at Duke, the PRUV Fellows will meet frequently with their mentor and graduate student collaborators. They will polish and extend their summer research results. This paper should serve as a senior thesis and may be used as part of Duke's Graduation with Honors Distinction Program - Duke's equivalent to Latin Honors.

In April of their senior year, each Fellow will present his/her research at a department seminar.

Throughout the program, PRUV Fellows will meet at social events with those in a similar program sponsored by the Biological Sciences, the School of Engineering and other research programs for undergraduates.

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