2000 PRUV Fellows


Michael Colsher

Carl Miller

Sam Malone

Daniel Neill

Michael Colsher - Numerical Analysis
Mentor - Professor William Allard
Research Title: Convergence of Multigrid Algorithms

Sam Malone - Mathematical Economics
Mentor - Professors Greg Lawler and Arlie Petters
Research Title: Alternative Price Processes for Black-Scholes: Empirical Evidence and Theory

Carl Miller - Algebraic Topology
Mentor - Professor Richard Hain
Research Title: Exponential Iterated integrals and the Fundamental Group of a Manifold
Topology 33 (2005) 351-373

Daniel Neill - Game Theory
Mentor - Professor David Kraines
Research Title:
Optimality Under Noise: Higher Memory Strategies for the Alternating Prisoner's Dilemma
(Journal of Theoretical Biology, 211 (2001)
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