Department of Mathematics  

Duke University

Numbering Scheme -- Effective Fall 2012

Old Number New Number Title
-MATH 22Introductory Calculus Ii
MATH 25Course DroppedDuke Equivalent - Math
MATH 25LMATH 105LLab Calc/functions I
MATH 26LMATH 106LLab Calc/functions Ii
MATH 31MATH 21Introductory Calculus I
MATH 31LMATH 111LLaboratory Calculus I
MATH 32MATH 122Introductory Calculus Ii
MATH 32LMATH 112LLaboratory Calculus Ii
MATH 32XCourse DroppedIntro Honors Calculus Ii
MATH 41LMATH 122LIntro Calculus Ii With Applica
MATH 49SMATH 89SFirst-year Seminar (top)
MATH 50Course DroppedDuke-adm St Abr: Sp Top
MATH 61Course DroppedPerspectives Science I
MATH 62Course DroppedPerspectives Science Ii
MATH 65SMATH 165SCryptography And Society
MATH 68MATH 168Math In Genetics And Genomics
MATH 81MATH 181Math Everywhere
MATH 100Course DroppedDuke-adm St Abr: Adv Top
MATH 102MATH 202Multivariable Calculus
MATH 103MATH 212Intermediate Calculus
MATH 103XCourse DroppedHonors Intermed Calculus
MATH 104MATH 221Linear Algebra & Applica
MATH 104XCourse DroppedHonors Linear Algebra
MATH 105MATH 222Vector Calculus
MATH 107MATH 216Linear Algebra & Diff Equation
MATH 107RMATH 216DLinear Alg & Diff Eqn (rec)
MATH 108MATH 353Ord & Prtl Diff Equations
MATH 121MATH 401Intro Abstract Algebra
MATH 123MATH 323Duke Equivalent - Math
MATH 123SMATH 323SGeometry
MATH 124MATH 371Combinatorics
MATH 126MATH 375Linear Programming
MATH 128SMATH 305SNumber Theory
MATH 131MATH 356Elem Differential Equat
MATH 132MATH 451Duke Equivalent - Math
MATH 132SMATH 451SNonlin Ord Diff Equa
MATH 133MATH 453Intro Partial Diff Equa
MATH 135MATH 230Probability
MATH 136MATH 342Statistics
MATH 139MATH 431Advanced Calculus I
MATH 149SMATH 281SProblem Solving Seminar
MATH 150MATH 472Math Historical Perspect
MATH 151SMATH 481SAdvanced Problem Solving
MATH 160SMATH 361SMath Numerical Analysis
MATH 181MATH 333Complex Analysis
MATH 187MATH 487Intro To Math Logic
MATH 188MATH 488Logic/its Applications
MATH 191MATH 391Independent Study
MATH 192MATH 393Research Independent Study
MATH 193MATH 491Independent Study
MATH 194MATH 493Research Independent Study
MATH 195MATH 490Topics In Mathematics
MATH 196SMATH 476SSem Mathematical Model
MATH 197SMATH 497SSeminar In Math (top)
MATH 199SMATH 499SHonors Seminar
MATH 200MATH 501Algebraic Structures I
MATH 201MATH 502Algebraic Structures Ii
MATH 203MATH 531Basic Analysis I
MATH 204MATH 532Basic Analysis Ii
MATH 205MATH 411Topology
MATH 206MATH 421Differential Geometry
MATH 211MATH 551App Part Diff Equ & Compx Var
MATH 214SMATH 573SModeling Bio Systems
MATH 215MATH 581Mathematical Finance
MATH 216MATH 541Applied Stochastic Proc
MATH 217MATH 743Linear Models
MATH 219MATH 545Stochastic Calculus
MATH 221MATH 565Numerical Analysis
MATH 224MATH 561Scientific Computing
MATH 225MATH 563Scientific Computing Ii
MATH 226MATH 661Numerical Hyperbolic Pde
MATH 227MATH 663Num Elliptic And Parabolic Pde
MATH 228MATH 575Mathematical Fluid Dynam
MATH 229MATH 577Mathematical Modeling
MATH 231MATH 555Ordinary Diff Equations
MATH 232MATH 557Introduction To Pde
MATH 233MATH 553Asymp/pertur Methods
MATH 236MATH 527General Relativity
MATH 241MATH 631Real Analysis
MATH 242MATH 635Functional Analysis
MATH 245MATH 633Complex Analysis
MATH 250MATH 607Computa Algebra/geometry
MATH 251MATH 601Groups Rings & Fields
MATH 252MATH 602Commutative Algebra
MATH 253MATH 603Representation Theory
MATH 261MATH 611Algebraic Topology I
MATH 262MATH 612Algebraic Topology Ii
MATH 263MATH 690-10Topology
MATH 264MATH 619Computational Topology
MATH 267MATH 621Differential Geometry
MATH 268MATH 690-20Differential Geometry
MATH 272MATH 625Riemann Surfaces
MATH 273MATH 627Algebraic Geometry
MATH 274MATH 605Number Theory
MATH 277MATH 690-00Algebraic Geometry
MATH 278MATH 690-30Complex Analysis
MATH 281MATH 651Hyperbolic Pde
MATH 282MATH 653Elliptic Pde
MATH 283MATH 690-50Partial Diff Equations
MATH 287MATH 641Probability
MATH 288MATH 690-40Topics In Probability
MATH 295Course DroppedSpecial Topics
MATH 296Course DroppedSpecial Topics
MATH 298MATH 590-01Special Readings
MATH 341Course DroppedApplied Diff Equat I
MATH 348MATH 790-30Current Res In Analysis
MATH 358MATH 790-01Current Res In Algebra
MATH 368MATH 790-10Current Res In Topology
MATH 369MATH 790-20Current Res In Diff Geom
MATH 378MATH 790-03Research In Algegraic Geometry
MATH 379MATH 790-73Current Res In Mth Phy
MATH 387MATH 790-77Current Res In Math Bio
MATH 388MATH 790-50Research In Diff Equations
MATH 389MATH 790-71Current Res In Appl Math
MATH 390MATH 771Teaching College Mathematics
MATH 399MATH 799Special Readings
MATH 421Course DroppedIntro To Probability
MATH 501Course DroppedAdv Mth I For Scientists
MATH 888MATH 100Mathematics Elective
MATH 999MATH 300Mathematics Elective
MATH 2000Course DroppedCalculus
MATH 2010Course DroppedCalculus Analytical Geom

Overall scheme:

  • 0 - 99: Advanced Placement credit; House Courses; First-Year Seminars; First-Year Writing; Registrar / Department special purpose
  • 100 - 199: Introductory-level undergraduate courses; basic skills / activity courses; foundation courses; Focus program courses
  • 200 - 399: Undergraduate courses above introductory level
  • 400 - 499: Advanced undergraduate, senior seminars, capstone courses, honors thesis courses
  • 500 - 699: Graduate courses open to advanced undergraduates
  • 700 - 999: Graduate only courses (not open to undergraduates)
  • x90 is special topics
  • x91,x92 is indep study
  • x93,x94 is research indep study (ugrad only, x not >4)
Suffixes: For seminars (S), Focus (FS), Labs (L), Discussion (D), Tutorial (T), Preceptorial (P), Abroad/Away (A);

Math specific:

For 300 & higher:
  • x0x Algebra
  • x1x Topology
  • x2x Geometry
  • x3x Analysis
  • x4x Probability and Statistics
  • x5x Differential Equations
  • x6x Numerical Methods
  • x7x Applied Math
  • x8x Logic, Financial, misc

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