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Invited Addresses to the International Congress of Mathematicians

  • Hubert Bray, ICM Beijing 2002, Black holes and the Penrose inequality in general relativity
  • Gregory Lawler , ICM Beijing 2002, Conformal invariance, universality, and the dimension of the Brownian frontier
  • Paul Aspinwall, ICM Berlin 1998, String Theory and Duality
  • David Morrison, ICM Zurich 1994, Mirror symmetry and moduli spaces of superconformal field theories.
  • J. Thomas Beale, ICM Zurich 1994, Analytical and numerical aspects of fluid interfaces
  • Ingrid Daubechies, ICM Zurich 1994, Wavelets and Other Phase Localization Methods - Plenary Lecture
  • Rick Durrett, ICM Kyoto 1990, Random walks, Brownian motion and interacting particle systems
  • Leslie Saper, ICM Kyoto 1990, L2-cohomology of algebraic varieties
  • Robert Bryant, ICM Berkeley 1986, A survey of Riemannian metrics with special holonomy groups
  • William K. Allard, ICM Vancouver 1974, Some recent advances in the multidimensional parametric calculus of variations 
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