Graduate/faculty Seminar
Friday, November 1, 2013, 4:30pm, 119 Physics
Ioannis Sgouralis
Renal autoregulation in a dynamic nephrovascular model
Renal autoregulation stabilizes kidney functions and provides protection against blood pressure fluctuations. Autoregulation is mediated by two mechanisms: the *myogenic response,* where increased blood pressure elicits vascular constriction, and *tubuloglomerular feedback,* where salt excretion is balanced by adjustments of filtration rate. Coupling of the two mechanisms give rise to complex behaviours that are challenging to analyse. In the talk, I will describe a mathematical model of renal autoregulation, which represents both mechanisms and thus can be used to study the interactions developed among them. I will provide the necessary physiological background, and I will focus on the mathematical formulation of the involved processes. The talk will be accessible to everyone with basic understanding of differential equations.

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