Graduate/Faculty Seminar
Friday, April 12, 2013, 4:30pm, 119 Physics
Ioannis Sgouralis (Duke University)
A numerical method for solving the advection-diffusion equation in moving domains
The advection-diffusion equation commonly arises in the tracking of substances that are carried by and diffuse in a fluid. My interest lies in models of biological flows, where the equation is defined on domains representing the lumen of blood vessels, tubules, or ducts, which owing to its complex geometry and deformation, has a significant impact on the underlying substance that cannot be ignored. In the talk, I will go through the basic steps involved in the development of a numerical method for the solution of the advection-diffusion equation on such domains with an emphasis on domains with moving boundaries. To handle the difficulties introduced by the boundary, the proposed method will follow the finite volume formulation.

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