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Gergen Lecturers

1969--70  Walter Rudin (Professor of Mathematics, University of Wisconsin) 
1970--71 I.M. Singer (Professor of Mathematics, MIT) 
1971--72 Andrew Gleason (Professor of Mathematics, Harvard University) 
1972--73 Raoul Bott (Professor of Mathematics, Harvard University) 
1973--74 Andre Weil (Professor of Mathematics, Institute for Advanced Study) 
1974--75 Charles Fefferman (Professor of Mathematics, Princeton University 
1975--76 Dennis Hejhal (Professor of Mathematics, University of Minnesota) 
1976--77 Victor Guillemin (Professor of Mathematics, MIT) 
1977--78 Phillip Griffiths (Provost and Professor of Mathematics, Duke University) 
1978--79 Mark Kac (Deceased Professor of Mathematics, Rockefeller University) 
1979--80 James Glimm (Professor of Mathematics, New York University) 
1980--81 Charles C. Conley (Deceased Professor of Mathematics, University of Minnesota) 
1981--82 Cathleen S. Morawetz (Professor of Mathematics, Director of the Courant Institute, New York University) 
1982--83 Gilbert Strang (Professor of Mathematics, MIT) 
1983--84 Richard Shore (Professor of Mathematics, Cornell University) 
1984--85 Frederick J. Almgren, Jr. (Professor of Mathematics, Princeton University) 
1985--86 John W. Morgan (Professor of Mathematics, Columbia University) 
1986--87 Shing Tung Yau (Professor of Mathematics, Harvard University) 
1987--88 Edward Nelson (Professor of Mathematics, Princeton University) 
1988--89 No Lecturers 
1989--90 Peter Lax (Professor of Mathematics, Courant Institute, New York University) 
1990--91 Blaine Lawson (Professor of Mathematics, SUNY at Stony Brook) 
1991--92 No Lecturers 
1992 George Papanicolaou (Professor of Mathematics, Courant Institute, New York University) 
1993 Robert MacPherson (Professor of Mathematics, MIT) 
1993--94 No Lecturers 
1994  Curt T. McMullen (Professor of Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley) 
1995  Andrew J. Majda (Professor of Mathematics, Princeton) 
1996  Peter Sarnak (Professor of Mathematics, Princeton) 
1998  Stephen Semmes (Professor of Mathematics, Rice)
1999  Gerhard Huisken (Professor of Mathematics, Universitaet Tuebingen)
2000  Leo P. Kadanoff (Professor of Mathematics, University of Chicago)
2000  Martin Nowak, Director of Theoretical Biology at the Institute for Advanced Study
2000  Sir Roger Penrose, Rouse Ball Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University
2001  Percy Deift, University of Pennsylvania and the Courant Institute
2004  Bernd Sturmfels, University of California, Berkeley
2006  Gang Tian, Princeton University
2006  Leslie Greengard, Courant Institute
2008  Richard Schoen, Stanford University
2008  Cedric Villani, Unite de Mathematiques Pures et Appliquees
2009  Ingrid Daubechies, Princeton University
Felix Otto, Max Plank Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences
Andrei Zelevinsky, Northeastern University
Jordan S. Ellenberg, University of Wisconsin
Alice Guionnet, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
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