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Administrative Staff by Function
Title / Function Staff Member

Building Manager

Shawn MacDuff

Computing, printing

Andrew Schretter and Yunliang Yu

Events, Conferences, SeminarsKristen Gerondelis
 Grants Melissa Blakey, Chris Farrell
Maitenance/Housekeeping IssuesFront office

Office Equipment Maintenance

Monique Brown

Office Supplies

Monique Brown
Payroll:  Undergraduate & Graduate Laurie Triggiano
 ReimbursementsMonique Brown

Room Scheduling

Kristen Gerondelis

Textbooks (ordering and desk copies)

Laurie Triggiano

Visitor hotel reservations, parking

Kristen Gerondelis


Kristen Gerondelis



Below is a list of the support staff, their titles and what they do.

Shawn MacDuff

Shawn MacDuff - Business/Administrative Manager 660-2806

Yunliang Yu

Yunliang Yu (Dr. Yu) - IT, Senior Manager 660-2803

Andrew Schretter
Andrew SchretterIT, Analyst 660-2866

Kristen Gerondelis – Program Coordinator, Assistant to the Chair – 660-2801

         Chair’s calendar

         All things event, conference or seminar related

         Hotel reservations

         Room reservations

Melissa Blakey – Grants and Contracts Administrator – 660-6975

         All things grant related

Chris Farrell – Research Admin Specialist – 660-2804

         Grant related issues

         Academic Jobs Online support

Monique Brown – Accounting Specialist – 660-2807


Laurie Triggiano – Payroll Coordinator, DUSA, DGSA, Visa Coordinator 660-2835

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