Office housekeeping:  if you want your blackboard to be cleaned, please erase your board and turn the sign in the chalk tray to the “Please Clean Board” side.  If there is writing on the board of any kind, it will not be cleaned, no matter what the sign says.  Neither your floor nor your desk will be cleaned if it is covered with papers, etc.  If you would like a detailed cleaning of your office, please email the front office and we will make the request to housekeeping.
Recycling is collected in the large bins in the hallway.  Small office bins are provided – see the front office if you do not have one.  You are required to empty your office recycling bin into the hall bins.  Cardboard recycling is in the mail room under the fax machine for small amounts.  Large amounts can be placed in the cardboard recycling dumpster in the side parking lot.
Maintenance issues
Email or stop by the front office to put in a request for service – please include the room number.
Office supplies
Please inquire with Monique Brown in the front office regarding ordering of office supplies prior to purchasing them.  We stock pens, markers, pencils, chalk, notebooks, etc., and may already have what you need.  We can get also supplies within a day or two and at a lower price than you can purchase them at the store.
Please see Laurie or any office personnel to check out textbooks for classes you are teaching.  If you will be using a textbook not in our “office library” please see Laurie to order a desk copy for you or the office.  It is important that we submit the correct textbook for the Duke Bookstore and post this information in DukeHub for students.
Please contact Kristen Gerondelis for concerns regarding office furniture, including any items you’d like to have removed.
Keys & Rooms
Office and common area keys:
       The common area key unlocks the Mail Room (117), Commons Room (101), 1st floor Copy/Printer Room (102), and Conference Room (113)
       If you forgot your key, someone in the Front Office can lend you a key to open your door.
       Each key is uniquely identified so do not give your key to someone else.
       If you lose or misplace a key, email Kristen Gerondelis or Laurie Triggiano immediately.
Please be sure that rooms 101 (commons room/lounge), 102 (printer room), 117 (mailroom), and 113 (conference room) remain locked after 5pm and on weekends.  If you unlock them, please re-lock them when you leave.  If you find them open, please lock them. The office staff unlocks them in the morning around 8am and locks them around 5pm M-F.
Commons Room | Lounge | Kitchen
Room 101 in the Physics building is interchangeably called the Commons room, the Lounge or the Kitchen.  You are welcome to use the refrigerator to store your lunch, and use the microwave, toaster, coffee machine and espresso machine.  Boiling hot water is available at the sink.  Each person supplies their own Keurig and Nespresso pods for the machines.  It is expected that everyone clean up after themselves, especially the microwave, countertop, and tabletop.  Please keep track of your food in the refrigerator and remove it when necessary.
At times there are events for the department, and you will be encouraged either to attend or wait until they are finished.  At these times the refrigerator may be full, and access to it limited.  Take comfort in the fact that afterward there will likely be leftovers, and we share.  Tea is at 3pm each afternoon in the Commons room as well, and all are asked to join.
Conference Room
The Math conference room is available for meetings and groups doing research.  The conference room is not for office hours nor for students who need a space for testing (use the upstairs library Room 202 for the latter).  The schedule is posted on the door the week prior - to reserve the conference room, email the front office.
If you want your blackboard to be cleaned, please erase your board and turn the sign in the chalk tray to the “Please Clean Board” side.  If there is writing on the board of any kind, it will not be cleaned, no matter what the sign says.
Please email the front office with information regarding your schedule and contact information if you will be out of town, both during the year and summer.  There are times that our visitors need a space to use while here, and space in our building is very limited.  If you don’t mind a visitor using your office while you are away, please let the office staff know.  Please ensure that you secure confidential information and that personal items of value are removed.
If you need the sign changed outside your office door, please let Laurie Triggiano know.