Duke Resources
CAPS – Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) for students
DukeReach – directs students, faculty, staff, parents and others to the resources available to help a student in need.  If you feel someone needs help please contact them.
Personal Assistance Service (PAS) - the faculty/employee assistance program of Duke University.  The staff of licensed professionals offer assessment, short-term counseling, and referrals to help resolve a range of personal, work, and family problems.  PAS services are available at no charge to Duke faculty and staff, and their immediate family members.
Appointment, Promotion and Tenure (APT)
The Chair of the department handles appointments and promotions for the department.  Kristen Gerondelis assists with collecting the documents needed for dossiers.  The Office of the Provost website of Faculty Affairs offers more information about Faculty Procedures.
Duke@Work - work.duke.edu
This is where you change tax withholdings, sign up for direct deposit, choose benefits, change your address and contact information, etc.
If you leave Duke you will need to print your paystubs as you will no longer have access to them once your position is terminated.  Be sure to add a forwarding address so you will receive important tax documents at the end of the year.
Parking & Transportation
Parking:  If you have a reserved or premium parking permit (see list below), you can access the Science lot (next to the Physics building) after 5pm and on the weekends.  If you do not hold a permit for one of these lots, you will need a paper after hours pass that has a Q code for scanning at the gate.  Please email Shawn MacDuff if you need such a pass.
Reserved or Premium parking lots:
   Bryan Research Garage (BC)
   Reserved Space
   Research Drive Garage Reserved (PGER)
   Allen Lot (upper and lower) (ALN)
   Hock Garage (HOC)
   LaSalle Lots (LaSalle Upper and FEL) (LAS)
   Parking Garage IV (PGD)
   Physics Lot
   Research Drive Garage (PGE)
   Science (Physics) Lot (SCI)
   Trent Lot (TRE)
Campus map - Duke Maps
Duke's bus routes - Duke Bus Routes
Duke's Transloc app - Transloc app
Duke's Transloc (online bus tracker) - Transloc Bus Tracker
Duke Mobile app information - Duke Mobile app

Duke emergency information - Duke Emergency
Sign up for Duke's emergency text message system - Duke Emergency Text System Duke Police – 6842444 or call 911 from a Duke telephone.  If you call 911 from your cell phone it will call Durham Police, not Duke Police.
Helpful Links
Duke Mathematics Department:  www.math.duke.edu
Duke Human Resources:  https://hr.duke.edu
Duke Event Calendar:  http://calendar.duke.edu/
Duke Maps:  Duke Maps
Duke Box:  Duke Box
Duke Today (Duke news):  https://today.duke.edu/