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Technology resources and information - Math Department Computing
Printers:  We have four printers for public use – information is here:  Duke Math Printing
Computing policies – Duke Computer Policy
Computing FAQ's - Math Computing FAQ's
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Faculty can update their profiles, including their photo, at Scholars@Duke.  Details about how to change the different aspects of your profile are listed here:  Faculty Profile Content Sources.

Addition of news articles and changes to webpages are handled by Kristen Gerondelis.  If you or a colleague has received an award, had an article written about you, or have other news you'd like to share, please contact Kristen.
To set up your Departmental email account click here:  Math Computing Account.  Your login name is used as email address (

As a member of the Mathematics Department you will end up with multiple email addresses. We recommend that you use the Mathematics one as your primary and forward all others to it.  Upon completing your hire, you should log into with your NetID and password. You'll need to do three things here:

Webmail access: (math department email) and (Duke NetID email)
The department does not have voicemail. Your telephone will forward to the front office after 4 or 5 rings.  If it does not, please email the front office and we will assist in setting it up.  Calling outside of the Duke telephone system requires an area code.  Within the Duke system, you do not need to dial 919.
The Department Directory lists all department member names, extensions, office numbers, and email addresses.
Faculty, staff, and graduate students are provided mailboxes in room 117.  When you enter the mailroom, the staff mailboxes are on the left (above the fax machine).  Faculty and graduate student mailboxes are alphabetically arranged on the other wall.  If you have changes to your name on your mailbox, please let Lauri Triggiano know.

Mail is delivered and picked up once a day.  No set time.  If you receive a package that does not fit in your mailbox, and slip of paper will be put in your mailbox stating, "You have a package below the fax machine." 

There are bins (labeled) for outgoing mail above the fax machine as follows. 

The US postal address for this department is:

Duke University Mathematics Department
Box 90320
Durham, NC 27708-0320

The Package delivery address for this department is:

Duke University Mathematics Department
117 Physics Building
120 Science Drive
Durham, NC 27708

The Canon copier is located in room 102.  Anyone in the front office (room 117) can assist you with operating instructions and any problems you may have.

In order to use the copier, you must enter a copier code (which is assigned at the beginning of the Fall Semester).  If you do not have a code, please see Kristen Gerondelis in the front office.

Extra paper is stored in the copy room.  Please add paper to the drawers of the copier if it is needed. 

If you need assistance with copying final exams, please contact Lauri Triggiano in the front office at least one week in advance of when you need it complete.

To make copies:

To scan to email:

Features on the machine are:


Paper Select:

  Please see front office personnel if you have trouble with the copier/scanner, located in room 102.
The department fax machine is located in the mailroom (117 Physics).  Our fax number is: 919-660-2821.  You will need to wait for the transmittal confirmation sheet to see if your fax was transmitted without problems.  Departmental fax cover sheets are in the slotted file to the right of the fax machine. 

To receive a fax:  All incoming faxes are routed through the math server.  They will be sent to you by email by our support staff. 

To send a fax:

There is a large shred box in the front office for any confidential records that you need destroyed.  It is emptied the first Wednesday of every month.

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