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Topology at Duke

Topologists at Duke use geometric, algebraic, and analytic tools to study the topology of:
  • moduli spaces of algebraic curves;
  • 3-manifolds, 4-manifolds, and knots;
  • stratified spaces; and
  • real and complex algebraic varieties.
One of our group also studies set theory and logic. The topologists participate in the geometry/topology seminar.

Details of individual interests, as well as recent preprints may be obtained by consulting the following homepages:


Current Students: Recent Graduates (and first job):
  • (2008) Joseph Spirey (Assistant Professor, Wofford College)
  • (2007) Anthony Narkawicz
  • (2006) Ryan Deering (Instructor, Financial Institution SE, Pennsylvania)
  • (2005) Dan Yasaki (Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts)
  • (2002) Anne Collins (Stanford University)
  • (2000) Laura Taalman, Assistant Professor, James Madison University
  • (1997) Chris Odden, (Visiting Assistant Prof., Ahmerst College)
  • (1996) Joel Foisy, (Asst. Prof., SUNY Potsdam)
  • (1996:) Kevin Knudson
  • (NSF postdoc at Northwestern University)
  • (1995) Alexander Kabanov, (Research Instructor, Michigan State University; Visitor, Max-Planck Institut, Bonn)
  • (1994) Vincent Moulton (Lecturer, Mid Sweeden University) 
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