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Differential Geometry at Duke

Several of the faculty at Duke use geometric methods to study:
  • the geometry and arithmetic of algebraic varieties;
  • the geometry of singularities;
  • general relativity and gravitational lensing
  • exterior differential systems;
  • the geometry of PDE and conservation laws;
  • geometric analysis and Lie groups;
  • modular forms;
  • control theory and Finsler geometry;
  • index theory;
  • symplectic and contact geometry
The geometers participate in the geometry/topology seminar.


Current Students: Recent Graduates (and first job):
  • (2002) Marianty Ionel (McMaster University)
  • (2001) Sung Ho Wang (CRM in Montreal, CA)
  • (1999) Ben McKay, The University of Utah
  • (1996) Jeane Nielsen Clelland (NSF postdoc at the Institute for Advanced Study)
  • (1996) Kevin Foltinek (Instructor, University of Texas)
  • (1996) Chris Michael (Merrill Lynch, New York) 
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