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Analysis at Duke

Several of the faculty at Duke use analytic methods to study:
  • partial differential equations;
  • fluid mechanics;
  • scattering theory and integrable systems;
  • probability theory and stochastic processes;
  • differential geometry.
The analysts participate in the probability seminar, the applied math and PDE seminar, and the geometry seminar Details of individual interests, as well as recent preprints may be obtained by consulting the following homepages:


Current Students: Recent Graduates:
  • (2007) Michael Nicolas (Tulane University)
  • (2006) Thomas Laurent (Harvard University)
  • (2005) David Anderson (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  • (2003) Colleen Mitchell (NSF postdoctoral fellowship, Boston University)
  • (2002) David Ambrose (Courant Institute)
  • (2001) Jonathan Bihari (Tufts)
  • (2000) Alexander Solodovnikov
  • (1999) Liya Zhornitskaya, The University of Utah
  • (1998) Chad Fargason, The Boston Consulting Group, Dallas TX.
  • (1998) Mary Beth Fisher
  • (1998) Anna Georgieva, Post Doc, Chemical Industry Institute for Toxicology, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
  • (1998) Kirsten Travers, associate, D.L.J. (Investment Banking), NY City
  • (1997) Po-Jen Cheng, Assistant Professor, Chia-Yi Teachers College, Taiwan
  • (1997) Anne-Marie Filip University of Toronto, Canada
  • (1996) Beth Brooks (Assistant Professor, Southwestern University, Georgetown, TX)
  • Danielle Carr (Assistant Professor, Bryn Mawr College, PA) 
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