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Algebra, Algebraic Geometry, and Number Theory at Duke

Several of the faculty at Duke use algebraic methods to study:
  • the geometry and arithmetic of algebraic varieties;
  • algebraic K-theory;
  • particle physics;
  • number theory;
  • automorphic representations.
The algebraists participate in the algebraic geometry seminar. Details of individual interests, as well as recent preprints may be obtained by consulting the following homepages:


Current Students: Recent Graduates (and first job):
  • (2005) Craig Grabowski (Bank of America)
  • (2000) Laura Taalman (James Madison University)
  • (1999) Richard-Paul Horja (University of Michigan and Max Planck Institute)
  • (1998) Yiannis Vlassopoulos (University of Athens)
  • (1997) Chris Odden (Amherst College, MA)
  • (1996) Kevin Knudson (NSF postdoc at Northwestern University)
  • (1995) Sharad Chaudhary (Prudential, New York)
  • (1995) Alexander Kabanov (Michigan State University + Max-Planck, Bonn) 
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