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Notice of Changes effective in the fall of 2007

Math 41 changed in the fall of 2007. The new version of Math 41, now called Math 122L(41L), is a second-semester calculus course for students who are interested both in theoretical mathematics and also how it is used to solve problems in other disciplines. This new course includes some theoretical topics which appear in Math 122(32), such as convergence theorems for series and Taylor series. It also includes labs and applications to biology, chemistry and physics, some of which appear in Math 112L(32L). The course will meet for three lectures and one lab each week.

Students must have completed a full year of high school calculus to enroll in Math 122L(41L). The typical student in Math 122L(41L) will have scored a 5 on the AB advance placement test and have a math SAT score of least 680. This course is not open to students who have taken a calculus course at Duke. Students who have taken Math 106L(26L) or Math 111L(31L) at Duke should enroll in Math 112L(32L), rather than this course. The red "R" that appears beside this course listing in ACES is there for the 106L(26L)/111L(31L) restriction only, and it should have no effect on first-year students enrolling in their first math course at Duke.

Textbook: Calculus: Concepts & Contexts, 4th edition, by James Stewart.

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