Second-semester Calculus
Fall Terms

Calculus II at Duke
Entering students who have AP or prematriculation credit for Math 21 should enroll in Math 122L. Math 122 is not currently being offered. Math 32L is not open in the fall to incoming students.

Math 112L
In fall semesters Math 112L is reserved for continuing students who have taken Math 106L or Math 111L. In spring semesters Math 112L will be the only second-semester calculus course offered and will be open to any students with AP credit for Math 21 or Duke credit for Math 106L or 111L.

Math 122
Although Math 122 still appears in the catalogue, it is no longer being offered. It will continue to be used for the purpose of granting transfer credits, but it is expected to be phased out as a course offered at Duke.

The Mathematics Department in recent years has offered three versions of second-semester calculus: Math 122, Math 112L, and Math 122L. Math 112L was designed to follow Math 111L (or the 105L/106L sequence) as our standard, laboratory-based calculus II course. On the other hand, Math 122 continued the content and pedagogy of the College Board's older advanced placement calculus courses. But the AP courses have changed, and our lab-calculus courses provide a more modern approach to teaching calculus. Thus, we developed a lab-calculus version of calculus II, i.e. Math 122L, which is intended for students with AP credit for Math 21. Now that Math 122L is fully developed and implemented, there is no longer a need for Math 122.

1. If another department at Duke lists Math 122 as a requirement, how can I satisfy that requirement?
Such a listing should eventually be updated. Credit for either Math 112L or Math 122L will satisfy such a requirement. Nevertheless, we encourage students to confirm this interpretation with the other department. If there is any question raised by an official in another department, the student can get the matter resolved by refering that person to this web page or to the Supervisor of First-year Instruction in Mathematics.
2. If I have credit for Math 111L or Math 106L at Duke, may I enroll in Math 122L?
No, Math 122L is designed for students who have AP credit for Math 21. Math 112L is designed for students who have taken Math 111L or Math 106L here at Duke.
3. If I am a sophomore (or junior, or senior) at Duke who has never taken a math course at Duke, may I enroll in Math 122L based on my AP credit?
Yes, the guidelines for your case are the same as for an entering student.

4. I have AP credit for Math 21 and would like to take Math 112L in the Spring.  I know that this course lists Math 111L as a prerequisite, and that my AB AP curriculum is not exactly the same.  What are the differences that I should make sure to prepare for before entering Math 112L?
You should make sure to learn Euler's method and L'Hospital's rule, both of which are covered in Math 111L.  You should be prepared for the fact that Math 111L covers a wider variety of applications of differential equations (see the Math 111L syllabus), and emphasizes a deeper conceptual understanding of Riemann sums, the fundamental theorem of calculus, and differential equations, than many AP AB courses.   Finally, note that students who have taken Math 111L will have gained substantial experience with writing lab reports, which will be an important skill in Math 112L.