multiParameterAnimation Shock Wave Lite Applet

The Shock Wave Lite Applet multiParameterAnimation can be used to study families of functions with up to four parameters. Click here to open a new window with an example showing how it can be used. This example shows the family of functions

f(x) = A cos(w(x - d)) + c

As a curriculum developer you can control the range of the x and y variables and the names and ranges of the four parameters. Each parameter is controlled by one of the four vertical controls. The user can use these controls in two different ways to study the effect of the parameters.

To use the Shock Wave Lite Applet -- multiParameterAnimation in your own Web page you must download the file multiParameterAnimate.dcr and put it in the same directory as the html file for your web page. To download a file Option-click the link in MacOS or right-click and choose the appropriate option in Windows. The following paragraphs describe the html code that must be included in your html page. The screen shot below shows the html code for an example. To use this example you would include all the code between the lines open and close body tags.

This Shock Wave Lite Applet uses nine parameters. Because of incompatibilities among different browsers the parameters must be included twice, in two different forms. Each form works on some but not all browsers. You must follow the forms exactly. The two forms are highlighted in red and blue in the screen shot above.

The Parameters